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Week 1, Prompt 2

Name : Jade
Date Written : September 23, 2008

Week # : 001
Prompt # : 002
Prompt: "Write to a television character you don't like"
Who This Is To : Karen, from The Office

Dear Karen,

I know that you are now off of the show, despite one appearance in the fourth season. But I just wanted to address a few of the things you did that annoyed me at the time, and still tend to annoy me when I am reminded of them. First of all, I am not happy with the way you treated Jim. One instance that pops out in my mind is when you made him cut his hair for the job interview because he looked "like a homeless" person. Jim's hair is one of his trademarks. I don't remember if this is all in my mind or actually happened on the show, but I'm pretty sure that Pam loves Jim's hair. Also, when Jim didn't want to go out to a movie to avoid the crowds, you practically forced it on him. And finally, you made him stay up and have long, long talks about Pam. He didn't enjoy that either. He had to work the next day! Come on. Jim is who he is, and although couples do change each other every once and a while, you dated for six months. If you didn't like him when you started dating, then don't date him. Leave him for Pam.

Another thing I do not enjoy is how you treated Pam. You labeled her as "kind of a bitch" just because she had the balls to tell Jim how she felt. She has always been nothing but civil to you. She even helped convince Jim that you two could live close together! Do you know how painful that was for her? She sat on a bench and cried afterward. If she was going to give that the effort, then you have to give it the effort, too. I know that in A Benihana Christmas you two appeared to be friends, but that quickly died. You hugged Jim directly in front of her, just to make her jealous. And finally, you were going to force Jim to move away from her just because you thought there were "one too many people in Scranton."

Finally, I just don't like your general attitude. You've called Michael stupid on several occasions. I know that you didn't start in Scranton, and you were used to Josh, but you NEVER gave him a chance. He's crazy, sure. He's not the smartest. He can be a little racist, sexist, ageist, and generally prejudiced, but you have to give him a break sometimes. Jim and Pam have learned to deal with it. Also, you refused to pull a prank on Andy with Jim, and subsequently became jealous of Pam when she joined in on the fun instead. When Michael was having relationship problems, you told him to patch things up, even though it was painfully obvious that he should break up with Jan. Just because your relationship is on the rocks does not mean that you have to put other people through the same situation.

In conclusion, I just don't like you. It's not that you came between Jim and Pam - although that is a huge part of it - I just don't enjoy you as a character. I'm sorry, I'm a Pam girl all the way. Have a good life, I wish you well without Jim.




Sep. 23rd, 2008 08:38 pm (UTC)
I don't know the show, but this was fun to read! LOL
Sep. 23rd, 2008 08:39 pm (UTC)
LOL thank you! Yeah, I was trying to pick someone from House, but I found that I couldn't actually write an entire letter to them. A letter to Cameron would end up being a bitch-fest. LOL


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